Without any doubt, website builders are an excellent option for individuals and organizations with a low budget who are interested in creating websites that look professional. In other words, writers, small business owners, artists, photographers, NGOs – they can all benefit from the use of website builders. In case you spend some time doing research, you will notice that there are many website builders out there. This is the reason why we have decided to help prospective website owners by sharing a list of top websites builder solutions.


SiteBuilder has been around for a while and during this period of time, they have managed to attract thousands of users. There is obviously more than one reason for their popularity. For instance, they have a wide array of template solutions in their offer. Almost all of these templates look professional and it’s obvious that they’ve been made by true professionals in this field. Next, it’s very easy to use this website builder. You don’t need any prior designing experience and website developing experience to create a beautiful website. SiteBuilder, just like many other website builders, relies on a drag and drop concept. This is also a very cheap solution that can help you build and manage your website. Don’t forget that you’ll have to pay extra if you want to create an online store.


Weebly is another well-established website builder with many users. Some say that their platform has become a little bit outdated, but we still believe that you can build a decent website with the help of Weebly. Truth be told, their templates are a little bit retro, but if you have some experience in building websites, you may be able to solve this issue. This website building platform comes at a reasonable price.


We must mention Jimdo on this list too because this is one of the simplest website builders we’ve seen. It lets you build SEO-friendly websites, but there are just 17 templates available to users. For some reason, they have not updated the list of templates for a long time. It is possible to make some changes though. As a result of this limited selection of templates, the price of using Jimdo for building and managing a website is more than fair.

Remember that we have presented a short list of the best websites builders available on the Internet. There are many more that deserve your attention.